Book Cover

Here at RSG Publishing, we believe in the idiom “Don’t judge a book by its color.” However, in an environment where the first sale pitch is made to the eye, we want to ensure that the pitch is a good catch. A striking book cover depicting the appropriate genre theme therefore can become a deciding factor on whether a reader purchase your book. At RSG Publishing, we work with book designers whose works have graced many best sellers’ list. We will ensure that yours is of equal quality

Interior Page Layout

Now that the book cover has done its job in intriguing the reader, thus allowing the reader to even go a step further and read the book’s synopsis, the pages will now be turned to the interior. It is vital that your readers continue to find interest through your easy to read text. Font, size and layout through custom design oftentimes serve as beneficial tools. RSG Publishing professionals will help you create that look.

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