With our promotional materials, you will be sure to gain attention and awareness of your book and events. From your business cards, postcards, fliers, posters, bookmarks, Book Signing Kit and media kit, you are sure to increase your visibility and increase the potential of sales. For those who dare to dream, please take a look at our Book to Screenplay Services


Every author needs a website. In a technology saturated era, online presence is essential to the success of your book. Our website option is for those authors who is limited in the technical knowledge but wishes to have control and manage the content on their websites. Your site will include:

 •  About the author page
 •  Book synopsis page
 •  Excerpts page
 •  Contact page
 •  Link(s) to sell your book directly to consumers online (via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and itunes)
 •  Option to add image gallery to enrich the interactive experience with your book
 •  Links to your social media pages
 •  One year of free website hosting
 •  Option to add Google Analytics to track your followers

Whether you choose RSG Publishing or another to launch your presence on the online world, there is nothing more crucial than a website to greatly increase your visibility globally. Let us launch you.

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Book Signing Kit

A professional look at your book signings will be sure to attract readers. This kit will provide you with all that you need for that book event or signing. An Author’s appearance is one of the most crucial components in increasing fan base as well as to give readers the opportunity to be introduced to their favorite characters in a way like never before. Leave an impression upon them with this personal touch of branding:

100 postcard invitations featuring the cover of your book (5 x 8 inches)
30 custom designed fliers (8.5 x 11 inches)
10 full-color posters (12 x 18 inches) featuring your book

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Book to Screenplay Services

Transforming a novel into a screenplay adaptation is the first step toward seeking a movie deal. A screenplay written within the guidelines of industry standards is paramount in order for it to receive consideration from Hollywood executives. Our experienced screenwriters will produce the kind of work to let the industry know that you are serious about taking action to the next level. You will also retain all rights to your screenplay. In a competitive industry, where conversion of novels can easily range from $30,000 to $100,000, RSG Publishing understands that living one's dream should not only be reserved for some.

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